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1-1 Coaching

To thrive in life and business

Towards your new life!

I would like to acknowledge you for taking action.

It takes a lot of courage to change and step into your ‘adventure zone’!

My job is to support you all the way.

I am like a mountain guide: I guide your steps as YOU progress and climb all the way to the top.

Your journey is unique and I look forward to discovering how it will unfold for you.

The coaching process

Get where you want to be

illustrate the 3 steps of the coaching process

Coaching fundamentals

Coaching tools are very useful and I keep my toolbox handy, ready to grab the best tool according to the situation.

However, the most powerful tools define the coach’s posture, values and code of ethics.

My most important tools

“Clem as a coach enables you to set goals and supports you to achieve sometimes new and unfamiliar areas of business. I find Clem’s support exceptional and she really understands how to guide clients with areas of perceived difficulties in their business. 

I am totally grateful to you Clem for your wonderful services. As it is with most business owners I need an understanding and experienced coach that I can be accountable to. I very much look forward to sharing how your coaching has been implemented and of course the growth that i has brought to my business. 

I would highly recommend Coach Clem to any business entrepreneur, earn and learn with Clem!


What clients say

How do you get where you want to be?

You start where you are!

To understand your starting point I like to use emotional intelligence principles because it describes the different areas we work on in life. And we always start with ourselves.

See if you relate to some of the following statements.

What you may think

illustrate the coaching phases

Coaching Phases

the 4 coaching phases

I coach online and in person

In person sessions in Richmond, Darlington, Middlesborough (England)

Thorough coaching process

I meet you where you are and provide the tools to help you move forward.

As life is not linear, together we will define the tailored the plan you need.

The point is to be operational so that you reach your goals very quickly.


Objective: to know yourself in depth and take ownership

Powerful coaching tools to use in this phase :


Objective: to become the best version of yourself

Powerful coaching tools to use in this phase :


Objective: to understand the world around you

Powerful coaching tools to use in this phase :

Relationship management

Objective: to have the biggest impact in the world

Powerful coaching tools to use in this phase :