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Get inspiration and insights with these various videos. I do a lot of events online and in person. They are great occasions to share what my experience as a professional coach has taught me. 

I am also delighted to share the episodes of the podcast “The EmpowHER Journey” recorded with the wonderful certified coach Anna Montagne. 

Ultimately the goal is always to motivate you to believe in your dreams, be ambitious and take action to reach the summit!

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Build a thriving business helping others

Help yourself to help others, it starts with you!

We are very good at looking for solutions outside of ourselves, finding temporary bandages that do not really provides long term changes and solutions. Research and science now put in evidence that it’s not outside circumstances and actions that create your happiness, but rather that happiness comes first as an internal state that enables you to enjoy everyday life, being more productive, more aligned and happier in everything you do.

I work with women who have the calling to help others and together we work on building their inner strength and create a new operating system that serves them instead of sabotaging them. From then they can build a thriving life and business that has an amazing impact on others (therapist, coach, teacher, wellness professionals for example). In this webinar I share with you how I came to achieve that myself and how I help my clients using coaching and principles from positive intelligence.

How to grow your mental fitness

It is now clearer than ever that to unleash your potential and become the highest version of yourself and be happier YOU NEED TO BE MENTALLY STRONG! 

Athletes are a great example: their performance and result depend on their inner strength, their mindset and the ability to be clear headed, 100% focused on what they do. Positive Intelligence Inc. led by Shirzad Chamine (Stanford lecturer, New York Time best seller and CEO executive coach) has come up with the best program to grow your mental fitness after years of research in positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and performance science. 

In this video I am sharing about how we all sabotage ourselves internally and how to reprogram your behaviour on a deep level to experience more happiness, more productivity and more success like hundreds of CEOs, world-class athletes and 500 000 participants from 50 countries.



How to grow your Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this video I’m giving tips on how to overcome the myths and stereotypes about entrepreneurship, as well as how to create the right vision and inner strength to develop entrepreneurship skills. What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset? An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of beliefs, thought processes, and ways of viewing the world that drives entrepreneurial behaviour. Typically, entrepreneurs firmly believe it’s possible to improve their life situation and live life on their own terms. They also believe in their ability to learn, grow, adapt, and succeed. Here’s the thing: Anyone can develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. As the founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.”

How to become Entrepreneur

I meet a lot of people who are wondering about becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe you are one of them? With this video, I am sharing my experience of coaching entrepreneurs to get clarity on those questions: 

Why switching from employment to entrepreneurship? 

Is entrepreneurship right for me? 

How to find the right business idea? 

How to prepare and plan the switch? 

How to be a successful entrepreneur?



How to find your purpose with IKIGAI

When it comes to work a lot of people are looking for more meaning or purpose in their lives. They want to find a way to contribute and have a more positive impact in the world but they are not sure how or what to do. IKIGAI is an amazing coaching tool, coming from a Japanese culture, is very useful in coaching to reveal what is important for you and your vision of the world.

We tend to look for answers and solutions outside of us, the IKIGAI invites us to look inside.

I hope you will get inspired on how to use this wonderful tool to have more clarity in your professional life!

"The EmpowHER Journey" Podcast

For those you want it all!

Ready for a dose of inspiration in our community to support your self-growth and live by your rules? 

We believe that we can have it all and we want to support you all year long on this journey. 

As career, business and life coaches, we want to give you value and entertainment through this podcast deepened by our wonderful guests.

Please, open your ears and welcome!


What clients say

“Clem is such a helpful combination of gentle sensitive insights and a storeroom of knowledge about how to do “it”, whatever my “it” is…

So far she’s planted seeds in my mindset that have opened up avenues and made me take myself more seriously as an emerging female creative wanting to make the push from working for a charity to working with my own stuff.

It’s like a gentle hand hold without a grip! Enough to encourage me to keep moving forward but lots of space to call my own journey. 

I highly recommend Clem’s approach for anyone who has massive blocks in front of them for creating their dream of being out there as a business on their own.”