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Welcome! I’m Coach Clem.

I help women with the calling to help others create the life and business they are craving for.  

Have you always known that your mission was to help others? 

Have you settled for another life as you didn’t know what to do ? 

Are you ready to step in your power and build the life you are meant to live? 

It’s time to take the first step!

I have been there myself, I know what it feels like. 

It feels like the full potential inside of you is not fully used. 

It feels like you don’t have access to what you deserve. 

It feels like it’s not only about your happiness but about others and the impact you should have in the world. 

I have been through that and I admit that I needed help to transcend it, to take the steps to follow this calling inside of me, to discover what it was for me and to take ownership.

I remember the very first step of deciding that I was going to create my first business. I couldn’t find what worked for me in the corporate world, so I decide to create the job I needed.

It was the beginning of the journey for me. I realised that the problem was not only about the value that I wasn’t receiving but also the value I wasn’t able to bring through my work. The first step felt big …

It felt scary, it felt exiting, it felt liberating, it felt right and it felt like a big jump in the unknown. 

I couldn’t have done it without professional help: therapist, coach, healer, mentor, wellness professional… these professions have the power to guide, support and help you heal on a deeper level to make you move towards a better life by remembering who we really are… 

I now have the priviledge to help others on this wonderful journey: 

– I help woman discover and embrace who they really are 

– I help them have clarity on their needs and the value they have the potential to provide

– I help them to help themselves and stop patterns of comprise and sacrifice

Starting with a deep work on themselves first so that they can serve others, by becoming who they truly are they can then guide people towards their true self. 

I coach them through the different steps of their business creation while overcoming their internal limitations and strengthening their inner stability on which they will build their new life.

Does that resonate with you?  

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What clients say

« It was important for me to reflect on my career, what I have learnt from my past experiences, what really matters to me and what the next steps in my career should be.

I am glad Clem could support me through this reflection. With her serene but enthusiastic attitude, she guided me through a thorough process.

She is a trustworthy and motivating coach, delivering tailored feedback and concrete next steps.

I highly recommend Clem! »


Starting your coaching journey

What is coaching and how does it work?

My vision of coaching is to provide guidance, support and structure.

The coach needs to adapt and meet you where you are at and help you get where you want to be.

The eyes of a coach are a reflection so that you can get unstuck, overcome obstacles and get perspective in order to plan and achieve your goals.

Align your


How do I know if coaching is for me?

It’s ok to need help at some point! Whether you are starting from scratch or have already started your business.

They are majors steps and huge changes in your life requiring time, energy, skills and motivation.

Coaching is the best way I know to ensure your success and happiness.

How should I start?

I recommend that you start by booking a free discovery online session.

It will enable me to understand your situation, explain how I can help you and together we can start designing the best plan for you.

Options to get started

I need more info

Watch this 35 min webinar on how to build a thriving business helping others.

I need individual help

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Book a 30 min individual session with Coach Clem to get insights about your situation.

I need a community

Listen to our podcast "The EmpowHER Journey" and join the community of those who want it all!

You deserve to Thrive!