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About Clem

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It is crucial to be at ease with your coach and be confident that you are working with the right person for you.

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Career achievements

As my best friend likes to say: “How many lives did you have?!” I have been lucky that my professional journey has led me to different careers: from language teacher and globetrotter, to co-founder of a successful bilingual nursery and finally to coaching: the accomplishment of my career.

The personal development work I have done on myself over the years has gradually led me to coaching to fulfil my purpose of helping others remember who they truly are and live the life they are meant to be. It is such a priviledge to give back in doing this work today after all the benefits I received myself with the help of the amazing professionals I have met on my path.


My main career steps

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Coaching training and professional partnerships

After an initial coaching course of 3 months with Christian Mickelsen and The rapid Coaching Academy, I completed the Career coaching training with OpenClassrooms for 8 months. The course is coordinated by Paris University (RNCP registration pending), it’s a high standard professional certification course level 6, it’s online with weekly mentoring sessions and hands-on projects. I am still in touch with my teachers and colleagues from the course.  

My partnership with Format XL, ANCRH enables me to provide coaching programs eligible to French government funding. You can benefit from it as soon as you have worked in France. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more about the Skills assessments process and the CPF funding.

Of course, I keep on training and learning along side coaching sessions, with a particular interest for emotional intelligence, positive intelligence and appreciative inquiry. I have been doing an advanced coaching training since September 2021 with Positive Intelligence Inc. (ICF certified training). I also work regularly with a coaching supervisor (certified with EMCC) to make sure to improve my work continuously to provide the highest quality of coaching.  

Professional collaborations & projects

Collaborating with highly skilled professionals is key as a coach. It’s a great source of inspiration and enables you to go further to what you could have achieved on your own. 

I love working with Wenjing, certified professional and personal coach working specifically towards boosting efficiency and balance at work. 

Yulia Arellano is another great source of inspiration. She is a life and career coach working a lot with expats to help them achieve their goals to transform their lives. 

I am also very inspired by Michael Bedford who coaches with authenticity, empathy and belief in his client’s inner ability to Bee-Brilliant

There are many more collaborations I could mention, such as the webinars I have the pleasure to deliver on the amazing InterNations platform.

Networking is such an important part of the development to learn more and develop collaborations.

I believe that even when you are self-employed being alone is an illusion and that the only way to succeed is to work together!  

Fun facts about Clem

Illustrate my logo the dragonfly
illustrate fun facts

The dragonfly

The dragonfly is a universal symbol of transformation, adaptability and self-realization.
Their bright colours and agile flight also represent grace and happiness.
The dragonfly sees beyond the surface and knows what is really important.
Discovering your true self enables you to live in the moment and
go past the mind’s obstacles that limit your growth and ability to change.

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