What clients say after working with Coach Clem

“For many months now I have had the pleasure and the benefit of Clem’s coaching. Her kind support and competence, combined with her great lucidity, immediately appealed to me and overcame the few reservations I might have had about coaching in general.

Clem doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, but gently leads me to see what I don’t necessarily want to see. Don’t be fooled, behind this gentle voice lies a great strength. Added to this is a commitment and an availability that blew me away.

I will gladly continue to work with her and, if you feel like it, do the same.”

Michel, Switzerland

Intercultural Communication

Harriet, UK

Artist and mentor

“Highly recommended entrepreneur coaching with Clem!!

When I first engaged in a coaching process, I kind of thought, this person is going to give me all of these things that I need to fix everything in my life.

And actually, that’s not what happened; what happened is that Clem helped me see all of the potential that I already had inside of me.

Everything that I needed already existed underneath all of my layers of limiting beliefs and anxieties and worries.

Clem helped me to shed all of those layers and find this awesome person that was already there, and use all of that in everything that I do in my business and in my personal life.”

“I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Coach Clem – it was a chance meeting that has made a huge difference to my life.

Clem is an incredibly attentive and knowledgeable Coach who helped identify my career path and professional goals. She listened to my aspirations and was able to offer me invaluable insight and guidance. She helped shape and revive my CV whilst providing practical tools to achieve my goals. I have started a new role since my time with Clem and I am certain that things can only get better.

I am so grateful for the impact that she has had on my life and career. I would highly recommend CoachClem to anyone looking to change the trajectory of their life.”

Henrietta, UK

Client Services Executive

Anita, UK

Well-being mentor

“I have just started with session and they have been transformational. In terms of business growth we looked at action plans, perceptions of goal setting and strategies to extend our target audience reach. We also audited where out own business was in term of streams of income, engagement with different audiences, marketing conversion and return. 

Clem as a coach enables you to set goals and supports you to achieve sometimes new and unfamiliar areas of business. I find Clem’s support exceptional and she really understands how to guide clients with areas of perceived difficulties in their business. 

I am totally grateful to you Clem for your wonderful services. As it is with most business owners I need an understanding and experienced coach that I can be accountable to. I very much look forward to sharing how your coaching has been implemented and of course the growth that i has brought to my business. 

I would highly recommend Coach Clem to any business entrepreneur, earn and learn with Clem!”

“Clem is a lovely lady who immediately put me at ease. I found my sessions with here enlightening and fascinating.

I wouldn’t hesitate to return to her in the future”. 

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Judy, UK

Retired (property business)

Photo for testimonial Trevor

Trevor, Canada

Brand Strategist

“After being laid off during the pandemic, working with Clem gave me a tremendous amount of clarity and confidence to pivot my career in a way that was really exciting to me. 

She helped me identify everything required to create a clear action plan over the coming months that was able to bridge the gap between my current and desired reality. 

Her approach is very unique and systematic that truly ensured that I felt supported and could really trust that she knew what she was doing, and our results together certainly proved that to be true!

I highly recommend Clem’s coaching and trust that anyone working with such a talented, likeable, and conscious coach would reap great rewards as I have.”

“Coach Clem’s coaching can be life changing if that’s what you’re looking for.

I couldn’t recommend her enough! Compassionate, understanding, and somehow both relaxing and energizing at the same time.”

Jennifer, France

Director of a nursery

Roberto, Italy

Business Developer

“I was looking for a way to correct, with concrete results, some behaviours that were limiting me on my private and professional life.

Behaviours that, despite my long path of learning NLP techniques, I was not able to change.

With Coach Clem, finally, I was able to “intercept” and “manage” the Saboteurs that caused me my strong need of control and procrastination.

The tools I learned during the coaching program, can be easily use them at work with immediate result.

Thanks to Coach Clem for guiding me during this path.”

“Clem is such a helpful combination of gentle sensitive insights and a storeroom of knowledge about how to do “it”, whatever my “it” is…

So far she’s planted seeds in my mindset that have opened up avenues and made me take myself more seriously as an emerging female creative wanting to make the push from working for a charity to working with my own stuff.

It’s like a gentle hand hold without a grip! Enough to encourage me to keep moving forward but lots of space to call my own journey. 

I highly recommend Clem’s approach for anyone who has massive blocks in front of them for creating their dream of being out there as a business on their own.”

Photo Andrea

Andrea, UK

Artist & art therapist

Stephanie, France

Wellbeing events & workshops organiser

“I recommend this coaching that helped me a lot in my projects, the coach is very attentive, takes the time to explain, does research to help if necessary.

She also provides tools and documents that we can use on our own afterwards.

I really appreciated the experience!”

“Coach Clem is very gentle and her approach is very professional.

She is punctual and takes her time to review.

She was patient and guided me through the process all the way.

I will definitely recommend her.”

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Ifeoma, France

Data Analyst

Georgy, France

Founder of "Find a University"

“If you are confused about drafting the documents for visa extension in France (visa “entrepreneur profession libérale”) or for your business plan, you can contact Coach Clem for the entire process.”

“I was very satisfied with the coaching I received from Clem. Although I do not speak fluently English, she heard me, understood me correctly and made correct determinations.

It has facilitated our way of communication by using technology very well.

I heartily recommend her. I feel very lucky that we met. How does it get any better than this?”

Seval, Turkey

Kindergarden Teacher

Alexis, Mexico

Business Administration

“Clem was very helpful in introducing me to the concept of ikigai. She also helped me clarify my short and long term goals. In addition, she helped me to configure my CV in a better way. I recommend her for the coaching process for her great professionalism.

I was particularly impressed with Clem’s ability to explain, with confidence and warmth, the many different intricacies of applying for a job, revitalizing a resume and cover letter and creating a stellar LinkedIn profile.

No matter what topic we were discussing or how dry the material, Clem always left me feeling accomplished and eager to continue my work. Any future job seeker would be lucky to have Clem as their career coach.”

Clem is highly professional with a keen eye for detail, willing to go above and beyond for clients, and simply a pleasure to work with.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Photo testimonial Samantha

Samantha, France

Language teacher

Photo testimonial Agathe

Agathe, France


“Clem helped me during two coaching sessions with my CV and LinkedIn profile. She gave me advice about my CV’s structure et about how to enrich LinkedIn’s sections on my experiences, my projects and education. I recommend Clem as a coach. She also helped me realise what are my strengths and areas of improvement regarding my future projects and how to be more assertive at work. Thank you for your help!”

“After 10 years in Berlin, I have decided to move back to my original country, France. 

It was important for me to reflect on my career, what I have learnt from my past experiences, what really matters to me and what the next steps in my career should be. 

I am glad Clem could support me through this reflection. With her serene but enthusiastic attitude, she guided me through a thorough skills assessment process. 

She is a trustworthy and motivating coach, delivering tailored feedback and concrete next steps. I highly recommend Clem! ”

Photo testimonial Maud

Maud, France

Digital Marketing Expert

Photo testimonial Amanda

Amanda, USA

Front End Web Developer

“It is rare that you come across such a warm and engaging presence as Clem. I had the pleasure of working with Clem during our time at OpenClassrooms. During our career coaching sessions, Clem advised me on several matters concerning the job search, including writing a standout resume and cover letter and the ins and outs of interviewing for your dream job.

I was particularly impressed with Clem’s ability to explain, with confidence and warmth, the many different intricacies of applying for a job, revitalizing a resume and cover letter and creating a stellar LinkedIn profile.

No matter what topic we were discussing or how dry the material, Clem always left me feeling accomplished and eager to continue my work. Any future job seeker would be lucky to have Clem as their career coach.”

“After 5 years in the tech industry, I needed a career change but I didn’t know how this change should look like. A friend of mine recommended Clem to help me with this endeavour and it was a perfect match! 

She immediately understood my work expectation and vision. After a  in-depth skill assessment combined with helpful visualization exercises, 

I could sort my thoughts out and identify three main ideas. 

Together we elaborated a plan to realize at least one of these. 

Clem’s empathy, enthusiasm make her a great coach. 

I highly recommend her!”

Photo testimonial Alex

Alex, Germany

Digital Facilitator

Photo testimonial Sunday

Sunday, Nigeria

Front End Web Developer

“Working with Clem has been a blessing. 

As a Coach, She was able to quickly assess my career goals, needs and aspirations and work with me to put a plan in place that included identifying the types of companies to target, interview preparation, negotiating strategies and focused my resume to highlight all my career accomplishments, skills and strengths. 

You can tell that she is personally invested in your success. I’ve always left my meetings with Clem feeling more optimistic and confident in my abilities, and I highly recommend Clem if you are looking for the best Career Coach.”

“I recently completed 3 (very insightful) coaching sessions with Clem in which we conducted a thorough skills assessment. Thanks to her method and guidance, Clem helped me bring clarity on my future career choices. 

During each session the time just flied by – Clem’s positive energy, empathy and ability to give on point feedback make her a great coach! 

I definitely recommend her. Thanks again Clem and all the best for the future.”

Photo Testimonial Lucie

Lucy, Germany

Head of Growth

Photo testimonial Liv

Liv, France

Bilingual Nanny

“I’ve had 2 sessions with Clem now and I’m looking forward to my next one in July. 

From the first session she really helped me understand what kind of career I’m really looking for and has inspired me to really push myself to get there! 

She has great advice, is very organised, efficient and professional. 

I would definitely recommend her: 5 stars. »

“During my 12 months of study at Openclassrooms and after successful completion of my Front-End developer path, Clem offered me a free Career coaching session. 

It was mind blowing, after having just one session with Clemence, I could work on my job search strategy, LinkedIn profile, resume, and interview. 

Clem is professional in her work and from how she handles her mentoring sessions, it’s clear that she loves what she does. Thanks to Clem I could get a well-polished and clean LinkedIn profile that attacks recruiters, and since our last session, my profile is getting noticed by many recruiters. 

I’m happy with the work Clemence did during her time at Openclassrooms, and I give them my full recommendation.”

Photo testimonial Fotie

Fotie, Cameroun

Code Mentor & Developer